Saturday morning

It is hard to believe but here we are again at the weekend.  This week has just flown by though I don't seem to have accomplished much at least there have been no dramas.  We have just muddled through the week as best we can.  With 4 adults the house feels quite crowded but the work load has diminished with the extra pair of hands.  Denzil is acquainting himself with where things go and how we function.  I don't think I have touched the dishwasher all week.  

Yesterday I made a big pot of sweetcorn chowder which has to be the easiest soup ever.  

1 onion diced
2 corn on the cobs or equivalent frozen or tinned corn
a hand full of finely diced potatoes skin on or off as you wish
2 stock cubes 

First fry the onion in fat of your choice I used rapeseed oil, then strip the corn from the cob with a sharp knife and dice an equal quantity of potatoes and add them to the pot with a litre or so of water and boil for 5 minutes before you add the stock cubes. Salt would make the corn tough. Obviously if you have some decent stock that would be better.   Once cooked, with a stick blender give it a bit of a blast until it is the thickness you desire but still with some chunks in it.  Alternatively take out 1/3 and blitz in a blender.  You can make it more interesting by crumbling some crispy bacon on top or even some well fried onions. Like most soups it freezes really well.  

Today I have a fancy for melanzane parmigiana. This is a dish of layers of aubergine and tomato with plenty of parmesan cheese.  All it needs to accompany it is some crusty bread and a green salad.  Although I am a committed carnivore some vegetarian dishes are outstanding and this is one of them the full recipe can be found here:-

As it is the weekend the rugby field is full of kids playing which puts if off limits for the dogs so we will take them to the seaside and as luck would have it it is high tide at 10 am so the dogs are in for a treat.  They both enjoy a swim and it is as good exercise for dogs as it is for humans not that we have any ideas of joining them.

Next week I would like to make some serious inroads on the declutter front and intend to take quite a bit of stuff to the charity shop.  Sandy is going to have first refusal on the gardening equipment as she now has an allotment and is in need of canes and bits pieces all of which I have in abundance.  Then once she has had her pick I know what is left can be binned.

Well thats about it for this morning, time I got going with something constructive.  Have a lovely weekend

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