Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday's storm passed over and the day brightened up enough to get my washing dry on the line in fact it is still there as I forgot to get it in last night.  Today we have just light high cloud but the sun is shining through it.  
In my trawl through the wardrobe I found a nice pair of white trousers which still fit me so they have been washed and will make a good addition to my suitcase.  I am packing with four colours in mind white, navy, black and red which I hope will allow for plenty of mix and match.  Today is packing day and sorting out my handbag to make sure I can get through security without any lethal weapons. At the end of the day you only need passport, ticket and money.  To that I will add my iPad and phone both fully charged and on airplane mode.  Everything else will be in the hold so hopefully not a problem.
I have some pork loin steaks out for lunch which I intend to serve with a nice tomato and mozzarella salad.  I must say cooking is the …

Saturday morning

Good morning all well it looks like the glorious weather is coming to an end we have big black clouds overhead.  It is still very warm but no lovely sunshine.
The dogs coughing seems to have subsided so perhaps it was just too much salt water from swimming or maybe the meal of grass they treated themselves to.  Anyway I am glad whatever it was has passed.
Sandy and I had our nails done yesterday which was nice to be pampered for an hour or so.  My colour is called "aristocratic lady" and is a deep red verging on purple so it should go with all my navy blue clothes.  It would look ghastly with yellow or orange which are colours I never wear so it should be fine.  We shared the lunch of greek salad and hardboiled eggs which was ideal as a light lunch for a hot day.  For supper we had a chinese and I had my usual of some hot and sour soup and two spring rolls again relatively light but very tasty.  
Today Denzil is back at work and I have a final load of washing to do then I c…

Friday Morning

Good morning all a bit better night last night it was not so hot and there was a bit of breeze.  Another bright sunny day with cloudless skies and already 19 degrees.  As it turned out yesterdays baked potato with greek salad was spot on just what we fancied.  I have a bucket of mushroom soup some of which will be going in the freezer.
Sandy and I have an appointment at 12 to have our nails done so she is arriving about 11 not quite sure what to do for lunch I have enough ingredients to make another greek salad so that might be on the menu along with some hard boiled eggs.  Nice and light for a hot day.  
It was so warm last evening that Dan took to sleeping on the cold tiled kitchen floor or out on the patio.  It must be difficult to get cool when you have a big wooly coat on.  Tubby on the other hand loves to sunbathe.  Both of them have a bit of a cough so I hope they are not in for a dose of kennel cough.  It is not serious, though very highly infectious, it is the equivalent of …

Thursday morning

Another gloriously sunny morning not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind.  What more can anyone ask for?  I had a bit of a restless night first I was too hot then too cold and so on all night I really struggled to get the temperature right so I could sleep comfortably.  
Yesterday saw the curry back out of the freezer which we had for lunch and for supper I did the kohlrabi with broccoli in a cheese sauce which made a very nice supper.  It is not a vegetable I would rush out to buy but I feel a bit more confident that I can deal with it when it turns up in my veg box.
Today I have a big pile of mushrooms which I am going to make into soup which I hope is the best solution to a large quantity.  Lunch today will be baked potatoes and a greek salad and with any luck soup for supper. However, first I need to make some sense of the kitchen which is a bit of a tip.  My fault, I left the pans in soak so serve me right no one to blame but myself.  Sometimes of an evening I just don't …

Wednesday Morning

Good morning all, sorry about yesterday but it completely slipped my mind to write my blog.  I had had the night from hell waking on the hour every hour and what with the terrible news about Manchester my mind was elsewhere.  What can one say except I am filled with sadness for those who have lost loved ones.  Extremists of all varieties are abhorrent to me.  
Today the sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear and at last it is warming up so summer might actually be here.  It is lovely to fling the windows open and let the fresh air in without freezing to death.  My vegetable box had another kohlrabi in it so I am going to try the suggested cheese sauce and I might add a head of broccoli to bulk it out a bit.  While I was at Macknades I bought a £1 bag of tomatoes which I have made into tomato sauce for pasta and put into the freezer.  
The dogs had another swimming day so they both came home wet but tired and were happy to snooze in the sun and dry off.  It is really good exerci…

Monday morning

Good morning all here we go into the last week of May and at last the weather has turned to a bit brighter and warmer.  Today we have quite a bit of cloud cover but it is clear and bright so hopefully the clouds will pass as the sun burns them off.  
The dogs had a lovely swimming session yesterday and came home with a voracious appetite for their breakfast which makes a change.  Tubbies short coat dries almost instantly but Dan stays wet for hours however lying in the sun dried him off fairly quickly.  
In the end the curry went into the freezer and the pork shoulder was had for lunch.  I had a kohlrabi to deal with so I cut it into batons along with some carrots which made an acceptable mixture.  It is not a vegetable I am very familiar with so I am never quite sure how to deal with it but this worked well.
Denzil had brought home a sticky toffee pudding which I had a slice of - wow what a sugar rush I think there was enough sugar in it to send me into a diabetic coma.  I suppose a…

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Another sunny start to what looks like a lovely day the cloud is light and very high so hopefully no rain.  Yesterdays machine load of washing dried beautifully on the line and I have another load ready to hang out this morning.  
I made a chicken curry yesterday which will be on the lunch menu for today. Like most stews it is better for having had 24 hours to sit and let the flavours mix.  Denzil has a weeks holiday and as the tide is up he is taking the dogs for a swim which they absolutely adore.  Dan in particular loves to swim and with his webbed paws he move like a motor boat in the water leaving poor Tubby in his wake.  What I fail to understand is why they seem oblivious to the coldness of the water.  
I got a bit ahead of myself yesterday and took a rolled shoulder pork joint out of the freezer so I will cook it and if necessary we can eat it cold.  Alternatively the curry could go into the freezer and we can eat it hot for lunch I will see what the genera…